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GAIN 2023
05/09/23 -
  • Patrizia Nobbe

UAS7 at the Conference of the German American International Network (GAIN) 2023

UAS7 went to Boston for the German American International Network conference on August 25-27, 2023. GAIN is a network of the German Research Foundation (DFG), the DAAD, and the AvH Foundation. The GAIN conference supports transatlantic mobility of early career researchers, attracting German, US, and international researchers from MIT, Harvard, Boston University, and regional research institutes, interested in German career paths and collaborations.
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Benjamin Brobbey, Drexel University exchange student, 2023
09/08/23 -
  • HAW Hamburg

Gilman-DAAD scholarship student at HAW Hamburg

Benjamin Brobbey is a fourth-year electrical engineering co-op student at Drexel University, USA. In September 2022 he came to Germany to complete a study and internship year at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg). He was one of the first recipients of a Gilman-DAAD scholarship.
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Overview of Porto Alegre
30/06/23 -
  • Mariana Siqueira

Do you know Porto Alegre?

Porto Alegre is the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, a state in Brazil’s south region, where the campus of two partners of UAS7 are located: Unisinos and PUCRS.
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6º Simpósio de Enfermagem Brasil-Alemanha
01/06/23 -
  • Claus Lange

6º Simposio de Enfermagem Brasil-Alemanha

No mês de maio, a 8ª Jornada Internacional de Enfermagem, o 6º Seminário em Saúde Materno-Infantil e o 6º Simpósio de Enfermagem Brasil-Alemanha foram realizados na Universidade Franciscana (UFN), parceira da UAS7.
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São Paulo
25/04/23 -
  • Claus Lange

Workshop do DWIH São Paulo Reúne Cooperadores como UAS7 para Discutir Resultados e Ideias para o Futuro

O Centro Alemão de Ciência e Inovação (DWIH) São Paulo realizou seu primeiro workshop interno – uma oportunidade para reunir os cooperadores da instituição (que também inclui UAS7 ) e discutir os resultados do trabalho já realizado e as perspectivas para o futuro.
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Collage Carolina Praktikum
24/03/23 -
  • Carolina Conceição

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

The internship at the UAS7 Liaison Office in New York felt both like a lifetime and like two days, despite being six months long. I learned a lot from my colleagues and had the opportunity to participate in thought-provoking events. I encourage others to live abroad and experience different cultures, as it can be a truly enriching adventure.
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UAS7 President Andreas Zaby & Executive Director UAS7 NY office Patrizia Nobbe at Drexel University
06/03/23 -
  • Patrizia Nobbe

UAS7 President and New York Office Director Visit Drexel University

UAS7 President and Executive Director of the UAS7 New York office visit Drexel University to expand their partnership and explore potential collaborations. Drexel's emphasis on co-op education, applied sciences, and entrepreneurship aligns well with UAS7's mission. Talks with university officials highlighted shared interests and possible innovative projects. Learn more about this visit that reinforced the strong bond between institutions.
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UAS7 President Andreas Zaby Presents at the AIEA Conference
03/03/23 -
  • Patrizia Nobbe

UAS7 President Andreas Zaby Presents at the AIEA Conference on February 21, 2023

Last month, Andreas Zaby spoke at the U.S.-based AIEA conference. This conference of American International Education Administrators invites high ranking higher education leaders from all over the world to meet, share and discuss their visions, strategies, concerns and questions.
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