A questionnaire and two pencils
27/04/21 -
  • Katja Zühlsdorf

A new evaluation tool for COIL projects: Focus on the intercultural learning process

Since the UAS7 Virtual Academy is a joint project between several institutions, it seeks to bundle and harmonize competencies as much as possible in order to build capacity and ensure that the project has a trickle-down effect throughout the universities and beyond. Experts on evaluation, quality management, and intercultural competence from all participating German universities joined forces to create a joint evaluation tool (questionnaire) for students, in order to measure the impact of the projects.
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What are the Study Abroad Models of the Future?

Text: Study Abroad Models of the Future

The paper examines various study abroad models in existence, with a focus on transatlantic collaboration while also providing a critical analysis for opportunities and future trends. The purpose of the white paper is to review the current state of the transatlantic exchange between North American and German universities and to critically examine, analyze and outline the broad strokes of what a potential future vision of this relationship could be.