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Part 1: Career Paths at German UAS

In Part 1, Prof. Dr. Andreas Zaby, President of UAS7 and the Berlin School of Economics and Law, gives an overview of the German Higher Education system and the different opportunities offered at UAS7 universities. Questions answered: What differentiates a University of Applied Sciences (UAS) from a "University"? Who can become a UAS professor? What does the application process look like? What are the requirements? Do I need to speak German?

Part 2: Application Process, Onboarding and Advancing in Your Career

In Part 2, Prof. Dr. Sonja Munz, Vice-President of Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, and Prof. Dr. Andreas Zaby, President of Berlin School of Economics and Law, speak about their personal career paths up to the highest ranks of university management. Prof. Munz present onboarding and support offers, possibilities of pursuing a PhD at a UAS and speaks about how she combines her role as Vice-president with conducting research and raising a family.


Part 3: Teaching at a UAS in Germany

In Part 3, Sylke Schumann interviews Shoma Berkemeyer, Professor for Nutritional Sciences at Hochschule Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Berkemeyer highlights the advantages of teaching at a University of Applied Sciences, speaks about her personal path to a professorship and why it was worth moving to Germany for her position.

Part 4: Combining Business and Academia

In Part 4, Ridwan Rusli, Professor for International Finance and Strategy at TH Köln University of Applied Sciences, speaks about his path to a professorship. In his academic work, he benefits from his many years of industry experience and the contacts he brought along and maintains. He presents different opportunities for collaborations in teaching and research and additional tasks you can take on besides being a professor.

Part 5: Work-Life Balance

In Part 5, Susan Armijo Olivo, Professor for Clinical Reasoning and Research Methodology at Hochschule Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, speaks about her path to a professorship, why she chose a UAS in Germany and how she combines her work with raising a family.

Part 6: International and Regional (Business) Connections

In Part 6, Michael Wasserman, Professor for International Mangement at FH Münster University of Applied Sciences, outlines the many ways in which he benefits from his international background, keeps connections with business and industry in his country while also building new networks with local companies.

Part 7: Freedom of Teaching and Research

In Part 7, Antonio García, Professor for Mechanical Engineering at Hochschule Bremen - City University of Applied Sciences, speaks about his path from industry back to academia and why it was a good choice to leave the business world behind for a professorship.

Upcoming National Roadshows

November 17,  2023 - UAS7 Roadshow at HWR Berlin (in German) MORE INFORMATION & TO APPLY 
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