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The UAS7 Virtual Academy aims to redesign international university cooperation across all disciplines and establish new innovative teaching and learning formats.


How can you, as a lecturer at one of our seven universities of applied sciences, get involved?


How long should a collaborative project be and how does it work? 


Find answers to all your questions in this video!

The "UAS7 Virtual Academy" pilot phase was rolled out in cooperation with the long-standing US consortium partner SUNY (State University of New York). We are looking to further expand the network to other international partner universities.

Designing a new model for international virtual exchange

During the Covid-19 pandemic collaborative virtual teaching was the only way to offer lecturers and students an international experience. However, we plan to expand the Virtual Academy beyond Covid-19 and develop a model to be applied to all UAS7 universities and departments.

Inclusive international experiences through virtualization

Virtual teaching enables an even broader group of students from the universities on both sides of the Atlantic to participate in exchange opportunities and international learning formats. They gain valuable intercultural experience unimpeded by geographic or time restrictions, preparing them for future professional collaborations.

Professionalizing virtual teaching

Participating lecturers benefit from existing support structures at their home universities as well as exclusive materials, to help them develop well-structured syllabi and be able to overcome intercultural differences in a virtual teaching environment. We made our learnings and Best Practices from the 2020-21 pilot phase available for interested faculty and developed a Tool Kit for lecturers kicking-off a new virtual teaching project. 

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The pilot phase 2020-21

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