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The "UAS7 Virtual Academy" will be rolled out in cooperation with the long-standing US consortium partner SUNY (State University of New York). It will redesign international university cooperation across all disciplines and establish new innovative teaching and learning formats. 


Designing a new model for international virtual exchange

Currently, collaborative virtual teaching is the only way to offer lecturers and students an international experience. However, we plan to expand the Virtual Academy beyond the Covid-19 pandemic and develop a model to be applied to all UAS7 universities and departments. After evaluating the first round of projects, we will share our collectively gathered expertise in the form of Best Practices, to make our learnings available to other interested faculty members.

Inclusive international experiences through virtualization

Virtual teaching will enable an even broader group of students from the universities on both sides of the Atlantic to participate in exchange opportunities and international learning formats. They will gain valuable intercultural experience unimpeded by geographic or time restrictions, preparing them for future professional collaborations.

Professionalizing virtual teaching

Participating lecturers will benefit from the US partner's many years of experience in the area of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). They will take part in individual training courses, facilitated by the SUNY COIL Center, in order to develop well-structured syllabi and be able to overcome intercultural differences in a virtual teaching environment.


15/04/21 -
  • Nele Kirstein

Virtual Academy Spotlight Hochschule München: Leadership project welcomes guest speakers from both sides of the Atlantic

As part of the UAS7 Virtual Academy pilot phase Dominik Hammer of Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (HM) and Martha Asselin of the University at Albany (Ualbany) are co-teaching a virtual course on interdisciplinary leadership with a focus on decision-making processes in crisis situations. On April 7, the transatlantic class was joined by high-ranking experts of both institutions who shared valuable insights into their own leadership experience in crisis situations.
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20/01/21 -
  • Erica Callery

Coaching COIL – UAS7 Virtual Academy Coaching Sessions in Full Swing

Balancing synochronous and asynchronous teaching; selecting the right technology tool and preparing students for international collaboration – these were just some of the many topics which were covered in the first round of the UAS7 Virtual Academy’s Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) coaching sessions held in early January 2021.
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09/12/20 -
  • Leonie Kirstein

UAS7 Virtual Academy officially kicked-off

On December 2nd 2020, the UAS7 Virtual Academy held its inaugural kick-off event. Project stakeholders from both the US and Germany came together virtually to learn more about the plans for the UAS7 Virtual Academy and get to know one another. Almost 50 faculty, project coordinators, e-learning and digitalization specialists as well as senior university members joined the event.
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