Study Program (SP)

Study at a UAS7 university and experience the practice-oriented approach of our Bachelor education for one term. It is recommended you speak German but if you don't you may select from a broad range of English-taught classes.

Most students who spend a semester at a UAS7 member university as visiting or exchange students are able to transfer their credits back to their home institution. We recommend to speak to your advisor about your class selection before you leave for Germany.

Since the German "summer semester" runs from March-July, it works better for most U.S. and Canadian students than the German "winter semester" (October-February). You may also choose to enroll in an intensive German course before the term starts or enroll in a German course during the semester - the sooner you register for those the better


Studierende sitzen gemeinsam am Tisch

Internship Program (IP)

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The Internship Program (IP) is designed for students interested in hands-on research opportunities at a German university of applied sciences. Internships offered by UAS7 member faculty allow IP participants to work in and alongside teams in our campus research laboratories and institutes. In most cases academic credit can be issued for successfully completed internships. Appropriate documentation may also be provided for interns seeking co-op rather than academic credit at their home institutions.

The research internships have a duration of 2-6 months. The exact length and timing of your research internship is determined by the professor offering the internship, but in many cases there is some flexibility.


Study & Internship Program (SIP)

Spend the German Wintersemester studying on a UAS7 member campus and then add an internship. You may choose between two program options: 

SIP Company: Upon completion of your study term, you will do your internship at a company in Germany. You are responsible of finding your own internship. (Our Professors will surely be happy to help you.) You may start applying to internships after your arrival in Germany. 

SIP Lab: Upon completion of your study term, you will be placed at a UAS7 university lab for a research internship. If you want to do your internship at one of our labs, you will have to apply for a position with your program application.   Find LAB internships

You may choose English-taught classes for your study semester, if you do not speak German. choose your classes

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