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Student Stories

Camille and friends in Osnabrück
25/01/23 -
  • Morgana Kronbauer, Carolina Conceição, Camille Hennemann

Student life in Germany: expectations, growth, challenges & tips!

What is it like to study and intern in Germany? Camille Sofia Hennemann, Food Engineering student from Unisinos, Brazil shares her experience in Osnabrück during her UAS7 exchange.
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Girl & Boy in front of HAW Hamburg sign.
21/06/22 -
  • Ingrid Weatherall
  • Elisa Schumann

One Semester at HAW Hamburg - Five questions for Brian & Emma from the University of Florida

Currently, Emma and Brian from the USA are spending a semester abroad at HAW Hamburg - one of the seven member universities of UAS7. In a short interview, the two students from the University of Florida talked about their time in Hamburg, their classes at HAW Hamburg and the differences between Germany and the USA.
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Brian Wiedenfeld
30/06/21 -
  • Leonie Kirstein
  • Brian Wiedenfeld

"Now I can say I have friends from all over the world"

Interning with UAS7 at a German University of Applied Sciences is full of exciting experiences: In this interview, Brian from Wisconsin reports on his internship at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. In addition to hands-on work experience, he's meeting lots of new people, eating delicious German bratwurst, and has even learned how to drive a tractor!
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We want to stay in touch with our alumni! All of you are part of a unique cohort of individuals who can truly explain what it means to study in Germany and at a German university of applied sciences, so you are true UAS Ambassadors.

Since UAS7 alumni are a product of this special German university type known as Fachhochschulen, we are invested in your success. We hope that all of you are eager to continue to build on your achievements and to share your knowledge and your networks with each other. And we are happy to hear from you also.

Not only participants of the UAS7 SIP Program are considered UAS7 alumni but everyone who has spent at least one semester at one of our UAS7 member universities or did an internship there.

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Alumni Stories

Junger lächelnder Mann, im Hintergrund Skyline von New York
25/05/22 -
  • Nele Kirstein

Work & Life in New York - Interview with UAS7 Alumnus Dennis Behrens

Dennis Behrens spent one semester at the University at Albany, SUNY, in 2017 as a part of UAS7’s SIP program. After graduating from Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, he returned to the US and took a job at the German Convention Bureau in New York. He has now been living in New York for over 5 years and has been working for the airline JetBlue Airways since July 2021. In an interview Dennis looks back on his way from Bremen to New York.
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Portrait of Eduardo Felipeto (UNISINOS)
29/12/21 -
  • Nicole Goldschmidt, Eduardo Filipeto

"UAS7 alumnus admitted to a master's in Germany”

Eduardo Filipeto was admitted at the Freie Universität Berlin to pursue his master's degree.
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Portrait of David Driscoll, sitting in a white chair
02/07/20 -
  • David Driscoll
  • Ingrid Weatherall

A unique connection to Germany

David Driscoll studied abroad at HAW Hamburg in 2009 as part of the UAS7 Study and Internship Program. Today he works as a Senior Designer for the Peter Schmidt Group in Munich. But it all started with a glimpse of his German heritage in 1997.
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