Formal requirements:

The formal requirements for an interview for a professorship position are regulated in the Higher Education Laws of the federal states:

As a rule, the following requirements apply:

  • University degree
  • The ability to do scientific work; usually proven by a doctorate or PhD (eg. through relevant publications, outstanding projects, prizes received)
  • At least five years of professional experience after graduation, of which at least three years took place outside academia in an area that corresponds to the open position 
  • Pedagogical suitability, usually proven by experience in teaching, training and mentorship

Additionally, the quality and quantity of scientific publications is also of great importance at many universities.  When applying, it should be shown that all application requirements are met by the time the professorship begins.

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If you are interested in a professorship at a university of applied sciences, we will be happy to advise you and support you on your way.


As requirements for the recruitment of professors usually differ from one federal state to state, please visit the websites of the UAS7 universities for further information such as application dossiers, remuneration and the application process itself.