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Succession and Transfer of Business in Regions

After the creation and growth of a business, transfer is the third crucial phase in its life cycle. lt is a long process that needs sound preparation. A successful transfer saves jobs and has a high economic value for regions.

The nine partner regions from all over Europe (DE, DK, FI PL, BG, RO, SI, ES, UK) face the common challenge of a growing number of small businesses that are in the process of transferring the business or have to deal with that issue in the near future. All regions have already experiences in business transfer and intend to continue and develop their support to SMEs.

The project STOB regions will initiate learning processes in the partner regions by exchanging experiences and good practices. The objective of the project is to give greater consideration of the potential impact on growth and jobs in the region supporting business transfer can make and therefore to strengthen the regional strategic approach to support transfer of business and the optimisation of the implementatlon of the ESI Funds programmes.

STOB regions will be implemented in two phases. The first three years are dedicated to interregional learning. The exchange of experience is organised along the whole process of a business transfer.

Peer reviews in all partner regions combined with thematic workshops will cover all aspects of a business transfer, like awareness raising, advisory services, financing and knowledge transfer. The main output will be one action plan per region. ln phase 2 the action plan will be implemented and jointly monitored by all partners.

STOB regions will support all four levels of learning: lndividual and organisational through peer reviews, workshops and internal feedback meetings in the partner organisations, stakeholder learning through the Regional Stakeholder Groups and external learning through a cooperation with other projects and two conferences in Brussels.

Berlin School of Economics and Law
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Prof. Dr. Birgit Felden

01/01/2017 - 12/31/2021