Research projects

Models and Methods for an active ageing workforce: an international academy

The main objective of the MAIA Academy is to create a unique research and innovation staff exchange network focused on the ageing problem in manufacturing. MAIA project will provide a multidisciplinary approach to achieve objectives as:

- The study of the aging workforce needs and requirements in European production and assembly systems;

- The development of new design methodology to create assembly and production workspaces elderly-oriented by preserving productivity, quality and safety;

- The development of new analytical models to support assembly and production line design elderly-oriented and validate them with world-wide case studies.

- Design and test of new ergonomics devices in order to support aging workers during tasks, by helping them in reducing muscular fatigue and risk of muscle skeletal disorders

- Design and test of new immersive and virtual reality instruments in order to guide elder workers and support them in the production process.

MAIA will bring together 5 EU universities and 5 THIRD COUNTRIES universities to create a new generation of knowledge towards the creation of age-friendly paradigms, models and methods for manufacturing systems.