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Virtueller UAS7 Stand mit Standpersonal
01.09.21 -
  • Nele Kirstein
  • Claus Lange
  • Patrizia Nobbe

2. Virtuelle GAIN-Jahrestagung

Zum zehnten Mal war UAS7 zu Gast bei der jährlichen Tagung des „German Academic International Network“ (GAIN) und warb dort für Karrierewege an Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW).  Die GAIN, die größte Messe für wissenschaftliche Karrieren in Deutschland außerhalb Europas,  fand bisher immer jährlich wechselnd an der US-amerikanischen Ostküste in Boston und an der Westküste in San Francisco statt.  2021 präsentierte sich die GAIN aus aktuellem Anlass bereits zum zweiten Mal in virtueller Form.
30.06.21 -
  • Erica Callery

Warming up for a unique intercultural experience

April 2021 was an intense month of learning and cross-cultural interaction for students of the course Different Approaches to Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility in the US and the EU at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin (HWR Berlin). Students joined selected counterparts from the University at Albany in the US for a month-long interactive online course that placed international collaboration at its heart.
02.06.21 -
  • Sara Blum

Virtual Academy Spotlight Hochschule Bremen: Air Pollution Control – A Comparison Between US and German Cities

The course Air Pollution Control, part of the UAS7 Virtual Academy, was a transatlantic cooperation between Bremen University of Applied Sciences and the University at Albany. The key goals of the joint course were to engage students in solving real-world air pollution problems through project-based learning. In doing so, they learned to foster collaboration, relationships and networks with fellow international students and their instructors.
4 hardware modules
06.05.21 -
  • Alissa Ziegler
  • Gunhild Grünanger

Virtual Academy Spotlight Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences: Pitching projects for the Internet of Things

Students from several engineering and computer science programs at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and at University at Albany conduct experiments on artificial intelligence and develop their own products for the Internet of Things. They exchange ideas in transatlantic teams and give each other feedback on their project ideas.
27.04.21 -
  • Erica Callery

Virtual Academy Spotlight HWR Berlin: Who says field trips have to take place in person?

The mid-point in the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin (HWR Berlin) and University at Albany (UAlbany)‘s COIL project on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility was marked with a rather unique session that led to students reflecting on a range of cultural and legal aspects.
23.04.21 -
  • Sara Blum

Virtual Academy Spotlight Hochschule Bremen: Overcoming Linguistic Challenges in International Teams

Back in February 2021, Professor Mechthild Schrooten from the Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) and Professor Rita Biswas from the University at Albany (UA) started a joint transatlantic teaching project as part of the UAS7 Virtual Academy. On April 12th, the third joint session took place, which was a highlight of the course for teachers and students alike.
15.04.21 -
  • Nele Kirstein

Virtual Academy Spotlight Hochschule München: Leadership project welcomes guest speakers from both sides of the Atlantic

As part of the UAS7 Virtual Academy pilot phase Dominik Hammer of Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (HM) and Martha Asselin of the University at Albany (Ualbany) are co-teaching a virtual course on interdisciplinary leadership with a focus on decision-making processes in crisis situations. On April 7, the transatlantic class was joined by high-ranking experts of both institutions who shared valuable insights into their own leadership experience in crisis situations.
Porträt Luckey
10.03.21 -
  • Hochschule Bremen

Hochschule Bremen: Rektorin Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey: „Kürzungen des Wissenschaftsetats schaden Bremens Zukunft“

Anlässlich der öffentlich gewordenen Eckwerte für den Wissenschaftsetat 2022/2023 bringt die Hochschule Bremen (HSB) die negativen Auswirkungen für die Freie Hansestadt Bremen zum Ausdruck, die eine mögliche Abkehr von den bisherigen Finanzierungszusagen mit sich brächte