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Since 2013! Scholarship for a study semester at a UAS7 campus!

If you want to focus on the opportunity to spend a semester at a UAS7 University of Applied Sciences, the Study Program (SP) is right for you. Most students who spend a semester at a UAS7 member as a visiting/exchange student are able to transfer their credits back to their home institution.

Since the German "summer semester" runs from March-July, it works better for most U.S. and Canadian students than the German "winter semester" (October-February), which in most cases will overlap with your spring term. You may also choose to enroll in an intensive German course before the term starts or (depending on availability) enroll in an accompanying German course during the semester. We'll provide information on affordable language courses to successful applicants.

Successful SP applicants are eligible for a UAS7 Travel Scholarship. All successful applicants receive a full tuition waiver and the benefits provided to exchange students at the host University of Applied Sciences.

Deutschlandjahr USA 2019


UAS7 is proud to participate in the
official Year of German American
Friendship with two projects.
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