Chemical Engineering Internships

Apply for one of these internships through the Internship Program (IP) (Deadline February 15/October 1) or the campus internship track of the Study and Internship Program (SIP) (Deadline February 15).

Internship in Colloid Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Interfaces

at Münster University of Applied Sciences

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Bredol


Rheometric analysis and study of structure formation in dispersed systems and nanocomposites

Inorganic nanoparticles dispersed in polymers are used for a broad range of applications. In most cases, the interface chemistry between the inorganic component and the polymer is key to understand the microstructure of such composites. On the other hand, many (amphiphilic) polymers are able to develop nanostructures spontaneously. The project will try to follow these and related effects by study of the viscoelastic behaviour of the polymers and nanocomposites.


The internship will be concerned with polymer and nanocomposite preparation as well as with rheometric and microscopical analysis, accordingly the character is mostly experimental. Literature review, full documentation and preparation of scientific papers will be included.


Sound skills in lab practice will be necessary, as independent chemical work will be required. A basic understanding of polymers, colloid chemistry and rheology will be needed as well.

Language Skills

English is working language in the group


4-6 months, according to agreement

Possible Beginning

Feb.15 application deadline: internships betw. Sep./Oct. & Feb.

Oct.1 application deadline: internships betw. March & Aug.

Earlier beginnings may be possible depending on professor's availability


Up to 6 CP according to agreement, depends also on conditions for recognition of faculty at home institution




Internship in Product Design Technology

at Munich University of Applied Sciences



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Leibl


Teaching and deepening of methods for the design/development and construction of products. Main focus: cost-efficient construction. Possible assignment topic: subject area of human genetic search for traces and preservation of traces.


Students of study area Mechatronics, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Physics

Language Skills



2-6 months

Possible Beginning

Feb. 15 application deadline: internships betw. Sept./Oct. & Feb.

Oct.1 applicationdeadline: internships betw. March&Aug.

Exact dates can be arranged individually


Will be supported



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