Research Internships at UAS7

Apply to IP (Internship Program) for a research internship on a UAS7 campus. Study and Internship Program (SIP) applicants may also request consideration for these internships when applying, but SIP applicants are free to apply to external employers (in all fields) as well.

What is unique about the UAS7 Internship Program (IP)?

Research at UAS7 member campuses is application-oriented and typically geared towards the needs of regional business and industry. These hands-on research opportunities are available in laboratories and research institutes run by faculty on our campuses. UAS7 faculty all bring extensive experience in their respective fields, and their research as faculty members often sustains these connections. Altogether, UAS7 members maintain cooperative relationships with over 1000 companies, from multinational firms to the "hidden champions" that are often global leaders in their market niches. UAS7 faculty integrate their research agendas into their teaching and often bring undergraduates as well as graduate students on board in their laboratories and research institutes. Through the UAS7 Internship Program (IP), this opportunity is now available to visiting and exchange students from colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada.

What kinds of internships are available? Do I need to know German?

Most internships are in the STEM fields, although internships are also available in other various fields like architecture, logistics and food science. In most cases German is not required, but a willingness to learn some basic German is always helpful. All internships are in research labs and institutes on the campuses of UAS7 members.

Aeronautical & Automotive Engineering


Biomedical and Bioengineering

Chemical Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Energy Engineering

Environmental Sciences


Food and Nutritional Science

Landscape Architecture

Life Sciences

Materials Science

Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

Media Technology and Design


Physical Metrology,Technology and Applied Physics

Applying to IP?

You must rank up to three projects in your application. Listing more than one project can make your project more competitive, but you should only rank projects that you have the required background for.

More about the IP Application Process

Applying to SIP?

You may rank up to three projects in your application, or you can opt to apply to internships off-campus after you arrive in Germany. SIP applicants may also be admitted to the program but not to a specific project, in which case you would apply for internships off-campus after arriving in Germany. SIP students have a strong track record of obtaining paid internships in the private sector, although compensation levels depend on conditions in each sector and the applicant's qualifications.

More about the SIP Application Process

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