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Information about companies
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German American Chambers of Commerce in the USA (GACC)

Information about Companies

Hoover`s Online - Information about more than 8000 companies

Thomas Register

Companies Online

Job search resources

Please keep in mind that this is just an introduction---no list of websites is ever comprehensive. Some of the following websites focus on prospective interns, but you can also use general job search engines for an internship search by adjusting the search settings. (non-profits and NGOs)


You may also want to refer to the following international organizations that offer placements (often for a fee) to students:


Cultural Vistas

For students in the sciences and engineering (including forestry and agricultural sciences students):
The International Association for the Exchange
of Students for Technical Experience


For students of business/management and information technology (IT)/computer science:
Deutsches Komitee der AIESEC e.V.
Student Exchange for Leadership Development

The regional offices of the GACC often post internships on their websites: 

German American Chambers of Commerce in the USA (GACC)

GACC Inc. New York

GACC of the Southern US, Inc., Atlanta

GACC of the Midwest, Chicago

GACC of the Southern US, Inc., Houston

GACC of the Western US, Inc., Los Angeles

GACC of the Western US, Inc., San Francisco

GACC of the Western US, Inc., Washington

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